The latest technology in PPF and Paint Protection

Our product is an easy-to-use SiO2 ceramic spray protection product that offers brilliant shine and layers of protection.



Spray on & wipe off. Creates a hydrophobic barrier!

Your paint protection film looks better and lasts longer

Surface remains very slick so things are less likely to stick or stain

Safe for your entire painted surface and paint protection films

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In the industry for 20 years!

We've been in the paint protecton business for 2 decades and know there is a need for an aftercare product. We have partnered with to come up with the ideal PPF (Paint Protection Film) aftercare solution that is long overdue! Our ceramic spray is specifically designed with PPF in mind and is a must have to protect your investment.

Easy To Apply

Simply spray on and lightly buff off with a microfiber towel. We recommend doing this at least once per month on a clean surface. The product is safe for your car, painted surface and more..

Protect Entire Car

Our product can be used on the entire exterior of the car (grille, paint, chrome, plastic, wheels)

We focus on
PPF aftercare ceramic

If you are purchasing expensive paint protection film we highly recommend maintaining it the correct and easy way with our ceramic spray (ArmorSpray). Although it's formulated for PPF, this product can be used on your paint with the same benefits!

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What people think
about ArmorSpray

  • I purchased some precut Scotchgard Pro kits and installed them on my WRX. I spent a few extra bucks on this maintenance spray and it seems to do the job. There's no buildup on the edges and water beads right off.
    Johnny Schwede
    Subaru WRX STi
  • Pretty cool stuff. Smells good and a little goes far! It comes out in a mist and you wipe off (slightly buff off) and it feels super smooth.
    Thomas Norman
    2018 Tesla Model 3
  • I had some paint protection film installed and the installer recommended Armorspray to maintain it. I bought their 8oz bottle and use it every few weeks. It really keeps the film shiny and slick! Well worth it.
    Steven Talus
    2016 Corvette Z06

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